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How to become a Pro Player PUBG Mobile from Bigetron ION

Pro Player PUBG Mobile Ala Bigetron ION

Interest in taking up the profession as a pro player is increasing day by day. Not a few gamers friends who started to pursue this field at an early age. For this reason, INDOESPORTS presents various tips to become a pro player that come from experienced people, such as Bigetron ION players and coaches.

Bigetron ION is a successful esports PUBG Mobile team. The players are recruited by esports organizations after frequently participating in online and offline tournaments. Hijrah, Liquid, RedFaceN, and Jerrsy managed to prove themselves in the 2020 PINC tournament. They will return to appearing in PMPL Season 2 and dream of getting into the top three towards the SEA qualifiers.

Before becoming a pro player and playing with Bigetron Esports, Hijrah, Liquid, RedFaceN, and Jerrsy were normal players, just like you. How can they become PUBG Mobile pro players and maintain consistency? Bigetron ION and coach S1nyo share some tips to become pro players.


First, Intention!

Intention is the initial capital that must be prepared if you want to become an esports pro player. Bigetron ION emphasizes this as the very first preparation, the urge that comes from within you to be willing to try hard on your own. To pursue a field consistently does require a strong will and desire.

The intentions that arise within you will trigger you to continue to learn, do your best, and try new things. For Hijrah, Liquid, RedFaceN, and Jerrsy, this kind of intention must be owned by people who really want to seriously pursue a career as an esports pro player.

Prepare Mentally

Being a pro player is not only a matter of winning, winning and losing. It takes a mentality as strong as steel to face all odds. Especially if in the future you are getting better known, the challenges you will get will also be even harder.

“Prepare mentally because there must be a lot of pressure, win-lose. Not to mention (pressure) from outside, “said S1nyo the coach.

Not many people are lucky and find it easy to open their way to the professional world. Some are not supported by the environment, are not supported by the device, and will even fail repeatedly.

A pro player doesn’t always emerge victorious. It is not uncommon for them to experience a fall or what is often called “too soon”. For that you have to start building a winning mentality by participating in tournaments often.

Hard work

A career while pursuing a hobby is everyone’s dream. But that doesn’t mean playing games every day is an easy job. It takes hard work and an unyielding spirit to conquer various challenges and improve skills in the game.

Bigetron ION supports you gamers who continue to work hard to achieve their dreams of becoming a pro player. Do your best and focus on becoming first place. “Try your best never give up,” they ordered.

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Diligently Join Tournaments

The path to becoming a pro player is not easy. ION players are people who have proven that tournaments can be used as a pathway to enter the professional world of esports. Hijrah, Liquid, and RedFaceN are examples of players recruited by esports teams because they stand out in the tournaments they participate in.

RedFaceN specifically supports those of you who want to take this career seriously. Because based on his experience, this ION Scout was recruited because he participated in a big tournament and faced off against well-known esports teams. RedFaceN’s expertise eventually led him to be invited to join the well-known team against him.

“Just keep up the spirit, do your best anywhere and in any tournament. To enter the pro scene, you don’t have to have acquaintances. You can show yourself in the tournaments that they have. If you stand out, they are attracted to you, they will contact you later. ”

Even though you are gamers from the regions, don’t give up. Because currently there are many online tournaments being held to recruit hidden talents from all over Indonesia.

Like Hijrah, who came from Samarinda, professional esports teams can catch him, until now he has a career under the Bigetron team.

Do you want to be a pro player? Even though it’s tempting, plunging into the competitive arena as a professional player is not easy. Like Hijrah, Liquid, RedFaceN, and Jerrsy, we need to keep trying and never give up until it’s time for us to shine.

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